Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Forestry mulching is a process by which vegetation that you want to get rid of, such as trees, stumps and bushes, are ground up using special machinery.

 This ground vegetation is called mulch, which is then evenly spread over a particular cutting area to prevent any re-growth.

Mulching also helps to prevent land erosion and replenishes the earth’s topsoil.

Forestry mulching does not leave behind piles of brush as other clearing methods do.

No burning is required and neither is there any scarring of the land.  It also reduces damage to trees that you want to keep since it protects the nutrient topsoil and the tree’s delicate roots.

You generally do not need a special permit for forestry mulching and no erosion control procedures are required.

When the job is complete, you are left with a fresh layer of mulch, which will naturally decompose into the topsoil.  The mulching process is very adaptive because it can be done in different types of weather that other technologies generally cannot handle.

It is also faster and cheaper than using the traditional types of land clearing methods.

Environmental matters are increasingly being moved to the forefront in both global and national issues. Our business strongly believes that land management must become more sustainable if it wants to keep up with the rapid changes occurring today.

Even though forestry mulching, as a land maintenance procedure, is less than twenty years old, is it quickly surpassing the more conventional land clearing methods and has become the accepted industry practice for both habitat restoration and utility ROW clearing. It is also rapidly replacing traditional scrape, haul and burn practices as more municipalities work to tighten land clearing.

We’ve been performing forestry mulching and land clearing jobs since it first became available, with years of hard-earned experience in the challenging hill country terrain.  We have managed to develop and refine the best strategies for overcoming the most demanding landscapes.

Mulching has become the best and most logical choice for both large and small land clearing projects, including public works contracts and various ROW projects.

Let us help you clear your land, whether it is fields or forests.  There is no better or more cost efficient way to clean up your property.  If you are interested in our forestry mulching services give us a call today.  We will be happy to review your options with you and can even give you a land clearing cost estimate over the phone.

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This process can be used in commercial and residential land clearing projects such as site preparation and development, cutting and clearing brush, and even for nature and recreational trail creation.